Don't Just Dream, Dream BIG!

February 16 and 17, 2019
Its like stepping into a parade on the streets of New Orleans.  Parents are greeted with beads at the door, gymnasts march out in parade fashion with their hand decorated Mardi Gras masks.  Best mask in each session receives a free leotard!  Participation Mardi Gras Beaded Medal for every gymnast, Event and All Around Medals, Team Trophies.
USAG Sanctioned Competition
Girls Levels 2 - 10 and XCEL
Girls Level 1 - 4 and XCEL

Boys non-sanctioned XB-XG

fun in the sun meet

This meet is designed for pre-team or non-sanctioned gymnasts as well as team gymnasts who want to try their hand at their next level routines.  We still provide NAWGJ judges, but put an emphasis on fun!  One session will be sanctioned for level mobility.

Medals, and trophies will be awarded as well of course!
Girls  Levels 1 - 7 
and XB-XD

Beauty and the Beast Invitational

January 19-21 2018

RI Convention Center, Providence RI 

Hosted Meets


OCTOBER 27 and 28, 2018

Gymnasts love getting dressed up in their best Halloween Costumes for march out at this great event.  The best costume in each session gets a free leotard!  Participation medals for all gymnasts.  Event medals, All-Around Trophies, and Team Banners are among the awards.  All gymnasts also receive a commemorative gift.
USAG Sanctioned Competition
Girls Levels 2 - 10 and XCEL
Girls and Boys Non-Sanctioned
Level 1 - 4 and XCEL

Turkey Tumble

NOVEMBER 17, 2018

This fun non-sanctioned meet is designed for pre-team gymnasts and recreation class gymnasts. Our very own Turkey will be greeting you at the door and giving out medals!  He may even do a little tumble for you too! 
Medals and trophies will be awarded. All gymnasts receive a gift.
Girls Non- Sanction Level 1 - 4 and XB-XD

Boys non sanctioned XB-XG

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mardi gras 


DECEMBER 15 and 16, 2018

Make sure to bring your sticky feet. Best Frozen Stuck routines will earn a prize! Leg Warmers for every gymnast. Event Medals, All Around Trophies, Team Banners.
All Around Champions will also receive the Frozen Flip Fest Fairy Wand!
USAG Sanctioned Competition
Girls Level 1 - 4 and XB-XD

Boys non sanctioned XB-XG